NTLK RE: NT V1 #62--EtherWave; Palm Desktop

From: Hutcherson, Ron (mfhutcr@mail.dmh.state.mo.us)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 09:26:49 CDT

on Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:43:13 -0400, Peter Apockotos wrote:

>So I was looking on the web site for methods to connect the newton
>via Ethernet using a Farallon EtherWave Adapter and there is nothing
>there, and the documentation that comes with the adapter is no help
>and neither is their web site.

I had supposed many people had been using these things, or I would have
posted this earlier. I use an EtherWave Ethernet-LocalTalk adapter, and it
works very well. Here is what I have and how I use it.

I have an iMac DV with OS 9 (named Diefenbaker), PowerBook 160 (named
Lamar), PowerBook EtherWave adapter, software, standard Ethernet cable, MP
120 (no name yet). The EtherWave adapter will NOT work with the Newton
unless you switch it to printer mode with the utility software provided.
There is a brief mention of printer mode in the manual. I installed the
software on Lamar, hooked up the EtherWave, turned on AppleTalk, then used
the utility software to switch to Printer Mode. I then moved the EtherWave
to the Newton, connected it the EtherNet port on Diefenbaker, turned on
AppleTalk on both sides, opened NCU, and set up a connection. It just works.

If you need an AC power pack for the EtherWave, you can buy one from Radio
Shack for under $15. Specifications for it are in the EtherWave manual. If
you don't have a Mac with a LocalTalk serial port, a USB-LocalTalk converter
might work. Otherwise, it would be worth it to get an old PowerBook from
eBay to get backward compatibility. If you don't have the manual, email me
at hutcherl@mac.com for the essential data.

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000 11:49:09 -0700, Hans Johnson wrote:
>Subject: Synching with Palm Desktop
>Hello everyone.
>I was just wondering how one would go about synching a Newton with
>Palm Desktop.. when I pointed NCU to the file in the users folder,
>the info from my Newton was not transfered to my desktops.. am I
>missing some step here?

Palm Desktop:

I synchronize it with my Newton regularly. First, I backed up the Newton,
then I set up synchronization in NCU. You get to tell it where to put your
synchronization files. I put mine in the Users folder of Palm Desktop--one
file for dates, one for names, one for to-do items. After synchronizing the
Newton with those files, I opened up Palm Desktop (aka Claris Organizer) and
merged it with those three files. I ignore HotSync. Use the Merge item in
the File Menu.

--Ron Hutcherson
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