NTLK eMates for sale, the continuing story

From: Robert Benschop (robertbenschop@bigfoot.com)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 12:28:44 CDT

For all of the people that requested information on eMates between the 29th
of June and today, I was gone on vacation and nobody was in and yes I still
have new eMates for sale, $ 400 each with $ 25 in shipping
(based on shipping to a US address, worldwide shipping depends on where you
live but won't be much more)
These eMates are new with one full year Apple warranty and come in a brown
box (they were intended for schools) with all of the manuals in .pdf format
and the Teacher's Guide in paper version.
In case anybody wants more information or to place an order just mail me,
most of the time I'll answer on the same day.

Robert Benschop

I know, it's sick, but I missed all of you, maybe the Betty Ford clinic
should start a program for people suffering from Newton withdrawal ?
And to make matters worse I just discovered that my 2100 got stolen on the
way home, so let's see how good my travel insurance will turn out to be.
Anybody that has an extra 2x00 around that would be interested in a swap
with an eMate ? I'm sure we could work something out.

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