Re: NTLK Backup problems from nowhere on 9.0 (not 9.0.4)

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 13:42:42 CDT

Peter Krug wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Help! In the last few weeks I haven't been able to back up my little
> green buddy!! I've tried reinstalling NCU, even downloaded a copy of
> NBU. I've made sure my Apple Modem Tool is the one installed by NCU.
> I -CAN- use NCU and NBU to install packages, so I can't figure out
> what's wrong. I've tried removing the backup files, too. What
> happens is that the connection between the Newton and my iMac (system
> 9.0) drops while "making Backup". I really need to get my LGB backed
> up before I take it to a meeting in Portland this weekend (and
> vacation in Portland/Seattle afterwards).

What kind of connection are you using? I would suggest AppleTalk. Then, instead of the "Apple Modem Tool" connection tool, you would need the "AppleTalk Tool", then make sure NCU and
your Newton are set to connect using AppleTalk.

Also, don't try to backup any external Flash RAM card. Just start with the Newton internal store. If possible, try not to run any concurrent application when backing up. Make sure you
give at least 8MB of RAM to NCU, more if you can. If the backup succeeds, then you might think about giving more memory to NCU (maybe 8MB base + the size of your card, so with a 16MB
card, that would be 24MB of RAM allocated to NCU).

Finally, make sure that you're starting a new backup, not an incremental one. Check your backup folder, in the NCU folder. Move out any file that might be there.

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