NTLK stranded Newtoneer

From: good-dog@northshore.net
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 06:30:03 CDT


We have a stranded Newtoneer who can't post but can read posts. She was
kind enough to respond to my pathetic cries for help about my comatose
eMate. I suggested she go to the newtontalk web site and unsubscribe and
then resubscribe and be very careful to put in the correct name of her

I don't know the outcome of my suggestions. For all I know she is still
isolated from us, able to read posts but unable to send any. She could
be weak from lack of proper newton nutrition and has had to resort to
cracking open her rechargables for food. God help her. She's not from
Hawaii so she'll at least be able to laugh about this later after she
escapes. She's got a very nice, sweet and kind personality, so she's
got to be from the Midwest or the South or anywhere but New York City or

Did I miss anything in my instructions to her? Granted that I am
afflicted with gross Ugliamericanitis, I did the best I could with my
limited resources and disabled mind.

Below is her plea for help.

Mark, the very, very, very ugly American dog.

Laura Deardoff wrote:

> By the way. I have joined the newton list, but I cannot post to it. My
> mail is returned and even my queries to the place my isp said to query
> is returned. Could you help me so I can post too?
> Laura
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