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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 08:30:45 CDT

"Brian W. Honeycutt" wrote:

> Bill said:
> > YOu need to create a new user in Palm Desktop and switch to that, then
> > sync with the "User" file you really wanted to sync with. I think you can
> > also disable the Instant Palm Desktop extension.
> I have an MP-130 with NOS 2.0 and connecting with NCU 1.0 and Palm Desktop
> 2.5. I followed these instructions and I still get the same message as
> stated before (and I quote):
> "The operation was not completed because the following error has occured:
> Unable to access file. Verify that the file is closed, you have enough disk
> space, and that the device is not write locked."
> I have tried two different Macs, two different MacOS's and even tried
> synching to the demo version of Now! Up-To-Date and Contacts and I still get
> this message. So now I'm guessing it's either my Newton, or possibly NCU.
> Can anybody give me a step-by-step??? I'm totally stuck.

I'm not using it myself, but I think you need to make sure that no application or extension are using the file when you try to sync it. So, I would suggest you make *sure* that the
"Instant Palm Desktop" extension is not loaded. To make sure it's not loaded, use the control panel "Extension Manager" to turn it off. If it's loaded, I think I remember reading here
that the extension would open the file at startup and keep it opened, so that no other application can't access it. Obviously, make also sure that you quit the "Palm Desktop"
application as well...

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