Re: NTLK MP2100 2.1 710031?

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 10:35:02 CDT

on 25-07-2000 5:19, Michael Nerad at wrote:

> I have been reading the different information sources for the Newton
> 2100. Still in the newbie stage, I am confused about which is the
> newest, most current version of the Newton 2100 OS. At some sites I
> find that MP 2100 2.1 710031 is the most current. But at other
> sites, I am getting the information that there are other system
> updates.
> Would one of you Newton Guru's please point me to the correct
> information? What is the latest OS System, and it's version number;
> and where can I download the software to make my 2100 OS the latest,
> greatest/

730031 is the latest, it's basically the last one from Apple modified by
Paul Guyot (probably the only one left out there that can still understand
this kind of stuff) to take out an error (I think the error was related to
Avi's Backdrop, but I'm not totally sure there, currently he's investigating
the -10061 bug AFAIK)

Robert Benschop

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