Re: NTLK Replace Palm IIIx and MP120 with MP2100?

From: Hai Ng (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 09:22:24 CDT

On 7/26/00 9:15 AM, Matthew Miller said:

>I recently bought a new MP120 and am a longtime Apple
>user. I am so happy with the MP120 that I am debating
>replacing my Palm IIIx and MP120 with a MP2100. Does
>anyone have any advice either way and do you find that
>using the MP2100 is difficult now that there is no
>longer support out there? Thanks for any advice.

Make sure you go get yourself a copy of BackTalk from Smart Dog Software,
it will allow you to communicate via IR with Palm users.

There is actually quick a picking of software out there for the Newton
despite not being supported anymore officially.

For what I do with it, time tracking, net access, appointment/contract
tracking, diagnostic tool, it works much better than a Palm, only thing
is that it doesn't fit in my pocket but hey, can't have everything.

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