RE: NTLK Replace Palm IIIx and MP120 with MP2100?

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 12:12:47 CDT

> I recently bought a new MP120 and am a longtime Apple
> user. I am so happy with the MP120 that I am debating
> replacing my Palm IIIx and MP120 with a MP2100. Does
> anyone have any advice either way and do you find that
> using the MP2100 is difficult now that there is no
> longer support out there?

I did the same thing myself. I used to be a solid, long time palm user. I
bought an MP100 on a lark, and it turned out to be usefull enough that I
replaced my palm with it. I later got an UMP2100, and never looked back. The
only things I miss about my palm are: AvantGo. It's hard finding low
bandwidth news sites that don't link all over the internet; Size. I just
started wearing cargo pants and BDUs; Oblique Strategies. I learned to
program the Newton and wrote one myself; DopeWars. This is my next

Jim Anderson

"Roly-poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino in Italian
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