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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 00:36:59 CDT

On 7/26/00 10:20 PM, RAV [] wrote:

>Ok so that first request for help was not all that clear.
>I have a 2100, and I have purchased a 3com model # 3C589D card .
>Then loaded the Farallon driver and downloaded the 3comaddon.pkg, it
>appears on the desk top as a text file with the icon of a floppy being
>compressed. This will not load on my newton,
>I have tried StuffIt Expanderô 5.1.4 that doesn't work.
>Will the PackType change it?
>Does anyone have it in a mac package they can send?
>thwizard wrote:

What type of computer are you using? Mac or Windows?

What does the NAME of the file you downloaded end in? .zip? .sit?
..hqx? .bin? (If you're on Windows, you'll need to change your
preferences to have it show file extensions; I forget where this is, I
did it years ago and would have to go's never in the
obvious place it should be in Windows....)

If they started out as .hqx or .bin and when you ran them thru stuffit
you got a .sit them through Stuffit AGAIN. This should
decompress it (the first pass just decoded it from binhex [.hqx] to
Stuffit [.sit] )

Where did you download these? If you didn't get them from Victor
Rehorst's Newton Resources, get them there:

He has things in .pkg and .zip format (varies, depending on what it is)

If they end in .pkg, you should be able to just drag-and-drop them onto
NCU (on a Mac, anyway). You may have to change the type and creator
codes, though; to make them work with NCU they should be type 'pkg '
(note the space at the end of the three letters) and creator "1NCU".

 - Bill

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