NTLK Réf. : Re: NTLK Serial to IR Hack App - need help...

From: t.scordilis@atral.fr
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 08:03:43 CDT

IRDA is good but we need to face the two transmitter

why not having an Radio Link that connects the IRDA transactions, I am then
interrested in having a look in the packet that are transmitted by the Newton's
IRDA in order to plan an RF development of an RF repeater. (I would like to be
connected while being in the sofa !!!)

what are the protocole used ? (retransmitting lost packets etc .... ?)
and specifications on baud rates ? Especially since the regular transactions are
not using the full rate of the IRDA !

Lets dream, why not a bluetooth connection (in a PCMCIA modem card) instead of
IRDA for the future ? I think only a "Newton-bluestack" to develop application
for it, since we will find some PCMCIA card in the market soon !!!

Senior RF&MW eng.

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Chris Browder wrote:

> Victor -
> Thank you for a speedy reply ;)
> Ok, I grasped that, but I don't know HOW to being to write it. So let me ask
> you -- is it worth taking this kind of idea to Smart Dog (assuming they are
> not already working on such a project) or it is best to let sleeping dogs
> lie?

I *think* Smart Dog is working on / is going to work on IrCOMM - that's how
they will have to support data from cell phones (IR modems), but you shlould
just ask them.

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