RE: NTLK 3 out: Napster, Mac desktop and

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 09:37:27 CDT

At the risk of sounding ignorant I didn't really understand any of that
(another Englishman who can't speak Italian, what is this country coming to)
or rather I missed the point of the posting. Can someone enlight? Is it a
follow up to an earlier thread that I missed?

> 3 out: Napster, Mac desktop and HackUser.
> I hate piracy but capitalism too.
> 1) Napster: I love original music and artists but I think 20
> $ for a CD (Italy) is a theft (at least for my poor pockets)!
> 2) Mac OS X is removing the Mac desktop, the symbol of the
> Mac essence. This "Gatesian" move is very absurd and horrible.
> 3) Hack User or C&N: see Napster.
> I pay the shareware but not ridiculous thousands and
> thousands of dollars for so called commercial software. With
> low prices they could sell much more.
> These capitalistic rules are not for the rest of us.
> Ciao,
> Franco
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