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Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 22:04:47 CDT

Assuming you have all the required software installed you should be able to


1. Tap on "Prefs"
2. Tap on "AppleTalk"
3. Tap on "Connect using"
4. Tap on "EtherTalk"
5. Tap on "Card"
6. Select your card. If not listed then required software not installed.

1. Open the AppleTalk Control Panel
2. From "Connect via" select "Ethernet"

Newton Connection Utilities
1. From the "Edit" menu select "Preferences".
2. *Only* "AppleTalk" under "Listen for Newton"


1. Activate AppleTalk on Mac.
2. Start NCU on Mac
3. Tap on "Dock" on Newton.

> Ethernet crossover cable is the connection, I want to connect to NCU and do
> back ups etc. I have apple talk on, file sharing on, the newton seems to be
> set up correct as far as I can tell but I get no results.
> Thank you,
> Robert
> Newton Links wrote:
>> on 7/27/00 4:05 PM, RAV at wrote:
>>> I now have my 2100 with a working Ethernet card. I know this may be
>>> asking allot, but now how do I get my desktop (G4 tower) to see the
>>> connection?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Robert
>> Please be more specific? What do you mean by "see the connection"? What do
>> you want to do? How is the Newton wired to the G4? via HUB or Ethernet
>> crossover cable?
>> There is a Ethernet FAQ, you can find it at Newton Links
>> <>. Do a search for "ethernet"
>> HTH,
>> Keith Russo
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>> Newton Links

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