How To Connect via Ethernet? [WAS: NTLK More Help]

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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 00:47:14 CDT

Ethernet 101 :)

Most networks have more than two computers on a network, which I guess why
its called "standard". A standard Ethernet cable is used to connect between
the computer and a hub or switch.

A Ethernet Crossover cable is used to connect *directly* between two
computers. In other words, *without* a hub or switch.

You can get a crossover cable at just about any computer store for $15 - $25

By the way if your not sharing files over a network, modem, or internet I
suggest you turn off File Sharing. Its not required for Newton uses and will
slow down your Mac a little. Same applies for AppleTalk. Turn it off when
not needed.

HTH, Keith Russo

> Thank you,
> I had done all the listed steps and all checks out, the newton seems to show
> some sign of think and then stops.
> Is a ethernet crossover cable different from an ethernet cable? I belive I
> have just a standard T10 cable.
> Thank you,
> Robert
> Newton Links wrote:
>> Assuming you have all the required software installed you should be able to
>> dock.
>> __THE SETUP__
>> Newton
>> 1. Tap on "Prefs"
>> 2. Tap on "AppleTalk"
>> 3. Tap on "Connect using"
>> 4. Tap on "EtherTalk"
>> 5. Tap on "Card"
>> 6. Select your card. If not listed then required software not installed.
>> Mac
>> 1. Open the AppleTalk Control Panel
>> 2. From "Connect via" select "Ethernet"
>> Newton Connection Utilities
>> 1. From the "Edit" menu select "Preferences".
>> 2. *Only* "AppleTalk" under "Listen for Newton"
>> __TO DOCK__
>> 1. Activate AppleTalk on Mac.
>> 2. Start NCU on Mac
>> 3. Tap on "Dock" on Newton.
>>> Ethernet crossover cable is the connection, I want to connect to NCU and do
>>> back ups etc. I have apple talk on, file sharing on, the newton seems to be
>>> set up correct as far as I can tell but I get no results.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Robert
>>> Newton Links wrote:
>>>> on 7/27/00 4:05 PM, RAV at wrote:
>>>>> I now have my 2100 with a working Ethernet card. I know this may be
>>>>> asking allot, but now how do I get my desktop (G4 tower) to see the
>>>>> connection?
>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>> Robert
>>>> Please be more specific? What do you mean by "see the connection"? What do
>>>> you want to do? How is the Newton wired to the G4? via HUB or Ethernet
>>>> crossover cable?
>>>> There is a Ethernet FAQ, you can find it at Newton Links
>>>> <>. Do a search for "ethernet"
>>>> HTH,
>>>> Keith Russo
>>>> --
>>>> Newton Links

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