NTLK Newton popping up in new Apple products....

From: Chris Browder (Chris.Browder@Lroom.org)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 11:21:52 CDT

Check this out:

For those of you with QuickTime 4.0/4.1 - in the QuickTime Player open a
movie and look at the slide-bar. It's a black diamond on that mustard
yellow-green background. That is the same color background as apple depicted
the newton's screen color in all pictures... it gets better... the diamond
slide bar look familiar... like your volume or contrast controller on the
old MP100? If memory serves, the slide bar was black on white in "the old
days" .... the diamond black on a dotted little line that is now a shade of
grey with a black outlines white diamond slider on the 2k and higher units.
Also look at InkWell/Rosetta Stone... Newton's print engine revamped for
PowerBooks to come! And the Dock in OS X - when you drag an alias or
document from it... it's deletes it - in a poof of smoke. iBook's convenient
"carry handle" - can we say eMate? Coincidences? Perhaps... but... I think
Apple's slowly bringing us up for Apple TabletPads or something, or I could
be dreaming ;)
- Chris B.

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