NTLK NTLK: QT movies to MoviePlayer movies...

From: John I. Clark (jiclark@independence.net)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 12:01:28 CDT

All the great posts about the various movies (either homemade, which
were GREAT, by the way; or archived commercials, etc., etc.) that people
are posting on the 'net got me thinking about turning them into
MoviePlayer movies playable on the Newt! [And Rich's monthly notice
about This ol' Newt and his mention of NewtBrick software, which makes
MoviePlayer, further spurred me...] I've read that you have to somehow
export ALL the frames in the QT movie to individual PICT files and then
paste them into NewtonPress and save with a .mov extension... I also
seem to remember seeing somewhere that there is a utility avialable to
automate this process. Does anyone recall anything along these lines?

It would be so cool to play some of these movies on my Newt!!! I have a
great one of Bill Gates doing a Windows demo and having it dive into the
Blue Screen of Death... Now THAT would be cool to show some of my PC
loving buddies ...from a Newton!

John I. Clark
Glass artist & Mac aficionado
Ridgway, CO 81432-0053

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