From: gopi@sloth.org
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 19:27:37 CDT

Ok, so, WaveLAN driver status:

Basically, I have a lot of code ported, but it is behaving in strange and
unpredictable ways. At various times the card has correctly responded to
inquiries, returning status and allocating memory and flashing its

However, it is entirely unpredictable. Running through the same stuff a
couple times in a row, sometimes the card will respond correctly and other
times it will not respond to all requests.

I am _suspecting_ that there may be problems with how I am doing PCMCIA
bus stuff on the Newton. I've done this with more than one WaveLAN card
(I live in a school full of WaveLAN, so borrowing from a friend is
easy). So, does anybody have any experience dealing with PCMCIA drivers of
any kind at the bus level on the Newton, and want to give me some
suggestions or pointers? There are numerous function calls related to
this, and I am hoping that I have done something silly or missed some part
of the initialization process and that is causing some sort of bus

Any help would be appreciated,


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