Re: NTLK Newton MP 130

From: THX 1138 (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 22:52:40 CDT

At 09:29 PM 7/31/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I can argue. There are *MANY* times I wish I still had my 130.. it's built
>in serial port, it was half a pound lighter and smaller...
>I won't say I regret the switch, but at times I wish I could go back.

agreed. I've owned them all too, and I like having a 2100, but I missed my
old 110 so much I went back and bought a 100 just for use as a rolodex and
grocery list to keep next to my phone. the 100 has that incredible screen,
pretty good recognition, it fits in a pullover pocket, and if I lose it in
the store, I'm only out $20. plus I got to paint it and stick velcro to it
and other things I would never dream of doing to my 2100.

my verdict, if you get a new one, keep the old one, if you don't, you'll
wish you had.

different strokes for different folks...



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