Re: NTLK Need Newt's Cape advice.

From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 07:36:44 CDT

Since I just get digests, I didn't respond earlier.

Basically, 'Rat' is correct -- doing a Save as Package (via i:Process)
directly instead of Display, then File: Save as Package uses much less heap,
allows you to process much larger documents. (the disadvantage
is that you don't get to open and view the book until after it has been
saved; on the other hand, this is better than not being to open it entirely).

Even so, (and assuming you've got enough store available for 1) the source;
2) temporary objects during Newt's Cape processing; 3) space for the
package itself) -- 736K might still be too large. in that case, you might
look at simplifying/consolidating your HTML a little. a few suggestions in:
e.g., medium size paragraphs preferable to many one-liners (since there is
some overhead for each object, even in the more heap efficient & direct
Process:Save as Package)

I noticed in that doc that Loren, you already hold the record for largest book
(Robinson Crusoe) created with Newt's Cape!

>From: Loren Finkelstein <>
>Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 2:13 PM
>>I am trying to make a package out of a 736k HTML Doc.
>>I used NCU to put the doc into Works, and now I am trying to open it with
>>Newt's Cape, so I can save it as a package.
>>The first time I tried, I opened the doc in works and chose the Newt's Cape
>>option. I had Dashboard+ running, and I watched my heap go down and down
>>the book was being created, until it just stopped at about 13k free. The
>>book was only partly done. (Page 231)
>>2nd attempt. I un-mounted my memory card, and remounted it without
>>activating the packages on it leaving about 363-373k free. I then
>>only Newt's Cape on the card, and from it selected the Works doc I am
>>working with. This got as far as page 281, approximately half way through
>>my document.
>>3rd Try. I rebooted without activating any packages - Internal or on the
>>card. This puts my free heap into the 400k range. I activated Works and
>>Newt's Cape only. This got me to page 354 (Maybe 2/3 of the doc).
>>Any thoughts? I could split the book into several smaller books. I have
>>done this in the past, but when I had the smaller books created, and I
>>to recombine them back into one (With Newt's Cape) it would die again.
>>Do I have to give this up?
>>Steve, is there any way to make this work with limited heap space?
>From: Stainless Steel Rat <>
>* Loren Finkelstein <> on Wed, 31 May 2000
>| I am trying to make a package out of a 736k HTML Doc.
>Yow! That's big.
>| I used NCU to put the doc into Works, and now I am trying to open it with
>| Newt's Cape, so I can save it as a package.
>What works, sometimes, is to have Newt's Cape save directly to a pacakge
>(Save as Package on the `i' menu). Newt's Cape uses significantly less
>heap when doing this.

>* Loren Finkelstein <> on Wed, 31 May 2000
>| That is my final goal, but first Newt's Cape has to be able to open the
>| book. That's where the problem occurs.
>No, it doesn't. I went through this trying to make a book out of the DVD
>FAQ. You can go from source to package through Newt's Cape without it ever
>displaying content. If you are running out of heap even with everything
>else frozen, this is probably the only way you are going to make it work.

NewtDevEnv, Newt's Cape, Sloup, Crypto,...

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