NTLK RE: Socket PageCard

From: Bob Dawson (bdawson@tl.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 12:16:44 CDT

I had a Page Card for a while (still have it if anyone wants to buy it) but
quit using it because the service was way too expensive for how I wanted to
use it. I had my e-mail set up to forward certain messages to the page card.
It worked pretty well but would only forward the first 256 characters and I
could never find a way to strip the headers so I would get little more than
header info on many messages. Then I discovered the page company had
misrepresented the fee sked and I was getting charged through the nose for
all the "pages" I was getting so I did the math and shopped around and found
I could have a cell with boo-coo minutes for less than I was paying for the
pagecard service.

Onward & Upwards,

Bob Dawson
Prepress Director
TL Enterprises, Inc.
"Recreation At Its Best"
Ventura, CA


Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 15:10:42 -0400
From: Steve Dockery <sdockery@gte.net>
To: <newtontalk@planetnewton.com>
Subject: Socket PageCard
Message-ID: <B55ADBF1.1110%sdockery@gte.net>

Fellow Newtonites, Newtoneers, Newtonians-

I just got a Socket PageCard for wicked cheap on eBay. I hope that it's
still possible to use it with my Newton.

Is anyone currently using a Socket PageCard?

Is paging service still available for them? If so, what company do I sign up

It would be really cool if I can use this thing. If not, it'll be a nice
addition to mmy collection.


-Steve Dockery


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