NTLK AllPoints & intrepid develoer

From: Mark Rollins (mark@mrollins.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 13:40:00 CDT

This is a summary about the Megahertz Allpoints wireless card and a
request for an intrepid developer to possibly help the Newton community
by developing an app or a hack to make NIE2 access a Megahertz Allpoints
wireless modem (also sold as the RIM card

I know it's a difficult proposition, but please read on for more insight.

The AllPoints card can be used on a Mac, Newton or PC, with the
appropriate software. For the MessagePad, "WyndMail" (which I can send
to whomever is interested) was used to access the AllPoints card. Note
that the Newton recognizes the card as a communication device, but to
actually use it to send/receive one needs WyndMail.

However, apparently the service (offered by BellSouth and GoAmerica) no
longer supports WyndMail for the Newton (or HP OmniGO for that matter).
You need to be able to enter the POP and IP address for the mail server,
which WyndMail doesn't support - it uses a number called the MAN number
for the AllPoints modem and the server.

The card is recognized by and responds to a VT100 terminal emulator,
however the tech info is lacking on just what settings to use (for those
under 40, terms like "stop bits", "even parity" etc. The crad is also
"16550 compatible U ART" if that means anything.

The Allpoints uses the RAP (Radio Access Protocol
http://www.rim.net/products/pc_card/pccd-rap.html) on the Mobitex
network. There's apparently a lot of data on this, as well as MAN to IP
address conversions.

The reason I ask is that the card is available for under $35.00 used,
and the service from GoAmerica costs under $10/month for basic e-mail.
This represents, IMHO, a cheap, elegant solution to occasional wireless
access for the Newton.
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