Re: NTLK Schlumberger - NCU

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 15:52:17 CDT

>One way to check is to open the Extras, then select "Memory Info"
>from the "i" popup menu. At the bottom left, there should be
>something like "ROM Version 2.1 (717260)-1". The "717260"
>is the default patch for a MP2100,

S'il a été installé.
(if it was installed)

> or the one you need to install on a 2000 that had his memory upgraded.

Attention, d'autant que je m'en souvienne, le mécanisme des rustines
système vérifient le code fabriquant.

Warning: as far as I remember, system patching mechanism checks about
the manufacturer. Not sure Frédéric will be able to install any other
patch. (most recent: 710031 ;-)

Il y a une bonne raison, surtout si la ROM est différente. Cependant,
on peut toujours aller expliquer à la rustine que tu as un Newton

There is a good reason, especially if the ROM is different. However,
one can convince the patch that you have an Apple product.

>In any case, it would display "ROM Version 2.1" if it's a 2.1 device.
Ce texte est dans l'image ROM qu'Apple filait aux clôneurs. Ils ne
peuvent la changer qu'avec un patch.

This string is in the ROM Image Apple provided to cloners. They can
only change that with a system patch. (if you want "Alien OS", or
whatever instead, contact me)

>If it's
>really a 2000 clone, then you can think about getting an ethernet
>card. You could setup an ethernet connection between your iMac and
>your Schlum, getting a much faster speed for backup,
>among other thing.

BTW, I re-read the FM recently, and I discovered that AppleTalk
connections are faster than serial. Probably because serial is 38400
(in standard).
The fact is that the DIL does not support faster than 56k connection.
(while Philz extension goes to 110k).



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