Re: NTLK MP 130 upgrade - Any ideas where???

From: Lui Frimmel (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 09:43:55 CDT

At 23:52 02.06.00 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Looking for the Implant 130 ( aka Speedy), but found out the German
>supplier nolonger stokes it. So I wrote to PIX solution but even they
>had no idea of where to go.
>Anyone with any ideas out there.
the very best advice I can offer is to forget the existence of the Implant
130 immedately ;-)
While the Implant for the 2000/2100 isnt "that" bad, with the 130 Implant
no one not knowing there is one inside a 130 will feel any difference to a
"normal" MP 130. What you get is around 15-20% acceleration - in many tests was
shown that at least 50% acceleration is needed to give a "faster" feeling.
(You can try it yourself with an old computer and slow down software)
Otherwise the MP 130 needs more juice with the Implant inside,
serial/beaming isnt working, you have to restart to
accelerate/unaccelerated status and sometimes its needed 3 and more starts
to get back..
Years ago I bought a 130 used with the Implant inside - sold the Implant 2
weeks ago - the next guy kept it a week,
the next guy a month and then sold the complete 130 to a Japanese tourist -
so I dont know about its further fate ;-)
I would spend the money in a MP 2100 or upgraded MP 2000 - its a completely
 different experience, with far more
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