Re: NTLK A few questions..

From: Malawi, Hilal (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 10:30:06 CDT

> 2: Web browsing..
> I got my 3com ethernet card to work, and at home I have no problems
> plugging into the hub to my cable modem and surfing/emailing..However,
> when I use it at work (NT network), I can get an IP address, but no matter
> how I try with nethopper, I can't seem to get proxy authentication
> Is there some difference in the way the newt sends authentication?

NT authentication requires domain name in addition to user name and
password. NetHopper's authentication slip doesn't have room for it, but
there is a workaround. Just enter the domain name along with the user name
in the user name field as follows:


That should do the trick.

Hilal Malawi
Bechtel Telecommunications
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