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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 12:02:32 CDT

Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> Brian Cambourne wrote:
> > Dear Newton Lovers,
> > I found a site and downloaded the updated versions of NCU. I installed
> > on both my new G3 and my old 3400 without any trouble. Both machines
> > Mac OS 9.0
> >
> > However I must be doing something wrong. I keep get the signal that "
> > serial port is already in use" from the 3400 and " the stealth port is
> > already in use" on the G3
> >
> > Here are the settings I'm using.
> > Powerbook 3400 (home)
> > Apple talk is on. Connect via Remote only
> >
> > Newton Connection preferences : Connect through Apple talk.
> > port left unchecked
> >
> > I try to connect through the serial option In the Dock menu.
> >
> > G3 ( at work)
> > Apple talk is on
> > Connect through Modem-printer port
> >
> > NCU preferences: Check both Apple talk & "Stealth " port. ( There is no
> > printer modem option)
> I'm not sure about your problem, but thought I would try guessing ;-)
> First, what kind of physical connection do you have between your MP (BTW,
what model is it?) and your computers? If it's the serial cable that came
with the MP, then you must go serial
> all the way. You *can't* use AppleTalk. So, you must unchecked AppleTalk
in NCU and check or select "Serial". Then, that being said, if you have a
fax software on your PowerBook, it
> might grab the serial port at boot time in order to be able to receive
fax. You might want to check that it's not the case, because if you try to
connect from NCU using the serial port,
> you will get this message that the serial port is already in use.

Nonsense. The any Apple serial cable is fine for point-to-point AppleTalk
connections. I do it all the time.

The serial port will also be in use when AppleTalk is switched on and set to
use the serial port you are trying to use for connecting to the Newton.

> You mention your "new G3". What model is it? Starting with the Blue &
White G3s, there is no longer a serial port. I'm curious about what the
"Stealth" port is, maybe some kind of
> USB-Serial adapter? We would need more details here regarding your

The Stealth serial port is a small piece of hardware that transforms the
internal modem slot in a B&W G3 into a standard MiniDIN-8 serial port. The
internal modem slot really is a serial port in disguise, and the Stealth
port is very compatible because of this. It should work, many have reported
it working.

> In any case, depending on the physical connection you make between your
MessagePad and your computers, you have to pick the right transport. If like
I think, you're using the cable that
> came with your MessagePad, then you don't have the choice and must use
serial. That means that NCU is configured for serial, and that the
Dock/Connection application on your Newton is
> also configured for serial. Then, if you get a message that the serial
port is in use, then it's really the case. There is something on your
computers that is grabbing the serial port.
> On a PowerBook, that's often some kind of a fax software. But I don't know
for sure, so you'll have to check yourself.

Yes. First of all make sure you have no background software that is hogging
the serial ports. On a Mac, I would always go for AppleTalk connections to a
Newt, because it is faster. Turn on AppleTalk, and set AppleTalk to connect
through the serial port. If it complains that the serial port is in use,
there is some software using it. If not, you're all set. Next, fire up NCU,
set it to connect thru Appletalk. Then, fire up the Dock app on the Newton.
Select AppleTalk as the connection method. You should now see you desktop
computer's name in the list of available computers.

One last thing: Mac OS 9 might have removed two extensions that you need for
NCU to operate correctly: Apple Serial Tool (for serial connection) and
AppleTalk ADSP Tool (for AppleTalk connection). You can reinstall these
tools from your NCU disk(s) or download then from Apple's website.


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