NTLK Problem backing up!

From: Laurent Daudelin (laurent_daudelin@fanniemae.com)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 14:10:34 CDT

Hi all!

Yes, I have a little problem. I'm trying to backup my MP2100 to my
Peecee, an HP Vectra 600VL (600Mhz Pentium III) and I'm having
connection problem. I'm using Ser57600 and have hacked my registry.
Initially, the MP connects and I can start the backup. But right after
starting to backup system information, the PeeCee disconnects. Always at
the same place. I've tried using a few tricks that I'm always the first
to suggest to others, but none of them seem to work! Like increasing the
priority of the ncu.exe task with TaskManager. The last thing I've tried
to find was the (in)famous slowdown.exe. I've did a search on Google,
got a hit to ThisOldNewt, but the link to the app there is no longer
valid. There was 2 others references found by Google, but they also seem
to be gone.

So, anyone knows where I could find this "slowdown.exe" app? Better,
anyone has any idea why NCU is stopping the backup right there? Oh, yes,
I did remove any flash ram card before attempting to backup. And yes,
that's a full backup, not an incremental one.

Thanks for any pointer or suggestion!

Laurent Daudelin
Developer, Adaptive Infrastructure, CIS Fannie Mae
Phone: 703-833-4266 mailto:Laurent_Daudelin@fanniemae.com
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