NTLK web based mail- solution?

From: Brian McEwen (brian@bmcewen.cvm.okstate.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 09:50:14 CDT

Check out:

http://biochem.okstate.edu/webmail.html and try and check your email using
this service.

It's a link to "Mail Start", www.mailstart.com, a free service that lets
you retrieve POP3 email from any server using a very basic web form. You
can build this form into any web page, this one was set up by a coworker.

I've not checked it from my messagepad (mostly 'cos Newtscape expired ages
ago) but it works from my desktop Netscape with java and cookies disabled.
It doesn't LOOK like it needs https, just forms and tables.

It's a little disquieting to be giving them your passwords, I created a
dummy account on my own mailserver to use to test- if I get spam to it,
I'll know it was from them. I'll know when I check my server logs if they
at least came in using APOP or not. But you could (for example) use it to
check eudoramail.com

This might be useful!

Eudoramail.com is also web-based and does not seem to need https or java.
IIRC they provide POP3 access also so you could check them using a POP3
client. There are a couple other sites like this, see
http://www.biochem.okstate.edu and click on "mail service" down at the
bottom, for all his links.


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