Re: NTLK date alarms

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 13:26:01 CDT

> I am looking for a package that will enable me to go straight to the notes for
> a meeting in dates, when the alarm for that meeting goes off.
MoreInfo offers a small button with a chain symbol in most routing menus and
a MI button too in many applications (Avi's Backdrop, dates, names, notes,
etc.). After tapping onto the chain button you'll get a menu with all
entered links for this item. You can link nearly everything together and
jump then e.g. from a date to the linked note or names card. The MI button
allows you to quickly create new items, log the date or change the date.
And now the best: Both buttons are also available in the dates reminder
slip, left hand to the snooze and snooze all buttons. I've just checked this
and must say that I've never used these two buttons within the last three
years. Okay, in most cases I had to say: "Sh... I'm to late..."

Best Regards / Viele Gruesse

Marco Mailand

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