Re: NTLK Anyone use BackTalk to link to the Palm?

From: Grant [Lenticular] Hutchinson (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 22:31:45 CDT

Hello Chris.

>My wife just got a Visor for use at work. I was wondering whether anyone
>had any experience with BackTalk by Smartdog Software, or any other IrDA
>beaming translators/applications???

I've been using BackTalk in my MP2100 for a few months now. I am the lone
Newton user in an office packed full of PalmOS toys (various models...
III, IIIx, V, VI, Visor) - and the latest version of BackTalk is great
for the simple stuff like contact info, vCards and notes. I am waiting
for Smartdog to release some more Palm compatibility goodie that will
handle full calendaring, etc. So far , so good. These guys rock. I blow
the Palm users away with the fact that my "dead platform" can talk to
their wizzy new beer coasters.

 By the way, here is a snippet from the last Smartdog email newsletter:

>Coming up from Smart Dog Software...
> - With help from some of you, we're trying to get Siemens and Nokia
>phones to exchange data reliably with the Newton
> - We're still working on the "other half" of the Calendar translators,
>which will allow Palm Date Book items to be beamed to the Newton Dates
> - We're working on a Palm SmartDoc to Newton NewtWorks conversion


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