RE: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??

Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 04:15:11 CDT

Here is my vision for this roll-out:
- We need a major support of the Newton Community. The most efficient way is
to build up a web-site to collect e-mail signatures so that Apple can follow
the results in real time as us. Of course, it must be an international site
(English, French, German, Japan, etc...) That's just an idea of course. I
can use my personal web-space for that.

- The aim: say to the new CEO that Apple must be return in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
position in the PDA market. The general idea was held by Sculley, Spindler,
Amelio. Why not to apply it to the PDA market?

- Refute the "Mac OS X only OS in Apple" argument. An Example ? Linux
mobile. A tangible device? The Yopy.

- Some feedback from auction sites point to the fact that the market for the
Newton is not dead even after the dark day of 27th february 1998.

- Praise for a new Newton will be supported by serious arguments: business
arguments. For instance: Apple has now a great range of products. This range
is consistent and a smart answer to the market.
iMac is for consumers mainly as the iBook.
PowerMac G3 are for business as the Powerbook.
Highend models G4 are for power users.
But it is clear (for only me?) that there is a missing stone in the
building: a PDA device. A device you can take with you anywhere, anytime.
It's not a light powerbook or so-called sub-notebook. It's between them and
a handheld device.

- Microsoft wants -of course - to dominate the PDA market. They didn't
killed the Windows CE. They tried to rebuild it with a new name (Pocket PC).
With their marketing experience, they can succedeed again even if the
product is not "insanely great". Windows history is the proof. I will (not
would) surprised when Microsoft buys Palm Computing in the next years. Apple
is maybe the only company that can fight with... if a quick decision is

-There are many "niches" of the market where the Newton was the only
solution for specific needs. Think about the medical market. Even today,
none of the PDA devices is the right answer. Newton is a standard that can
be used to literally invade the medical market. It's insanely irresponsible
to close the door to millions of revenue for Apple. The education market is
also a good door. An iBook for every student is a nonsense. The eMate was a
best answer.

- The success of the Palm is "incontournable". But the Palm is quite limited
if you want to surf the Net or read email. Just a simple point: no real font
management. And fonts are just a minimum if you want to surf a site with
text-only. Of course Palm Computing is working on the next release of Palm
OS but certainly they will be obliged to revise the hardware. And of course
it's a difficult task because you don't want to say to millions of users:
"Well, you need to buy another Palm if you want to benefit from our last

- Newton OS is more advanced from the tech point of view face to the Palm
OS. Moreover the philosophy is very different(think about different!) from
other PDA platforms.

That was just a starting draft.

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Well, if you want to do this then we need to get the ball rolling!

At 12:08 PM +0200 06/01/2000, Frédéric Paché wrote about Re: NTLK
Spotted - New Newton !!??:
>le 31/05/2000 15:48, Jon de la Osa à a écrit :
>> So let's do it!!
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>>> Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 3:37 AM
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>>> Subject: RE: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??
>>> It's a good idea.
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>>> From: Peter Apockotos [
<> ]
>>> Sent: Wednesday 31 May 2000 03:29
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>>> Subject: Re: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??
>>> So why don't we all email about it!
>>> At 05:30 PM +0200 05/30/2000, Frédéric Paché wrote about Re: NTLK
>>> Spotted - New Newton !!??:
>>>> As you know Sony will present a new PDA in September. I doubt it will
>>>> more functional than the MP2K. Maybe the new PDAman will have a
>>> MP3 module
>>>> in order to be like a walkman and of course the Newton can't do
>>> that but I
>>>> prefer a creditcard MP3 player to do this job.
>>>> What about a color screen? I doubt that Sony can give us this for a
>>>> price. Look at the Palm IIIc price...
>>>> I have a Palm III and really it's very limited. Graffiti is good
>>> for a word
>>>> or so but not for sentences. Recently I tried to use it during a
>>> meeting in
>>>> order to jot some drawings: the screen is really a stamp-like one !
>>>> And the Newton can also be used for voice recording. The Palm
>>> can't do that
>>>> directly.
>>>> A Pocket PC from Mr Gates ? Windows CE in it's new version is
>>> not stable at
>>>> all. And Windows... my job is to fix windows problems in the PC world.
>>>> home my iMac DV SE with ADSL Net line is my proud and joy.
>>>> So what? So I decided to buy a Newton. I surf the Net during several
>>>> and I'm convinced this is the Rolls Royce of PDA's. Future will say if
>>> was
>>>> in a big mistake.
>>>> Nevertheless, killing the Newton was probably the worst decision made
>>>> Steve Jobs. The Texas administration was going to buy millions of
>>> for
>>>> the education sector of the country! Also the Australian government
>>>> going to replace all the PC's from the administration! So don't say
>>> the
>>>> Newton family was not profitable Mr Jobs !!
>>>> le 30/05/2000 16:28, Loren Finkelstein à Loren@Finkelstein.Net a écrit
>>>>> For a long time I felt the same way.
>>>>> However...
>>>>> I won't cut off my nose to spite my face.
>>>>> The only way I would ever buy an Apple PDA again would be if they
>>> out
>>>>> with something better, for my needs, than anythnig else available.
>>>>> I certainly wouldn't wait for Apple to come out with some imaginary
>>> future
>>>>> PDA. Especially now that they have announced they are not working on
>>> such a
>>>>> product.
>>>>> Loren
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>>>>> From: "Jeremy Shepherd" <>
>>>>> To: "Newtontalk" <>
>>>>> Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 10:00 AM
>>>>> Subject: Re: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??
>>>>>>> I hope. I have been putting off buying a Pocket PC or a
>>> Palm in hopes
>>> of
>>>>> an
>>>>>>> Apple model.
>>>>>> I'm surprised anyone would buy an Apple PDA again after the
>>> sleazy way
>>> we
>>>>> were abandoned in '98 with the -10061 bug still crippling our
>>> machines.
>>> Even
>>>>> today the bug has only been "worked around" in a pretty kludgy way
>>> not
>>>>> solved.
>>>>>> The only way I would ever buy an Apple PDA again would be if
>>> Steve Jobs
>>>>> personally delivered it to me along with an apology for leaving
>>> users
>>>>> with damaged goods.
>>>>>> - Jeremy
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>>>>> people
>>>>>> San Francisco, CA | say, and I never interfere with what
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