Re: NTLK The Vagaries of Auto Naughty detection!!

From: Michael J. Hussmann (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 05:25:50 CDT

Adam Dunn ( wrote:

>I tried to send a message about an mp130 accelerator Impl*nt 130 from
>PIX solutions but the mail server through it back at me for
>"inapropriate language"???? I think it took offense to the Impla*t word
>in Implan* 130. Please tell me your not going down the same path as some
>of our Auzzie Politicians??!! AND CAN SOMEONE INCLUDE THE WORD
>I-m-p-l-a-n-t into the allowed Vocab. PLEASE!!!!!

Hi Adam,

note that it wasn't the list server rejecting your mail (as well as mine
quoting from it), but some subscriber's mail server. Just one unlucky
guy, somewhere in the UK, is excluded from our discussion. The jury's
still out on whether it's "PIX" or "implant" that triggered the rejection.

Michael J. Hussmann

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