NTLK I'm having a problem with Eudora

From: Harbottle, Richard P (r.harbottle@ic.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 11:31:28 CDT

Hi, i hope you can help.
I'm touring the states for a month (I'm into my second week). I thought my
MP2000 would be my ideal email gadget while I'm away. Sadly, at the moment
I'm sitting in a Kinko's in Denver instead of by the pool.
Anyway I thought I did all the right things - I had a perfectly configured
system. I backed it up on a spare card. I registered for Freewwweb and got
hold of the numbers as a Newton Book.
Then, I had my first go at checking my mail. Eudora reckons I have no
internet setups presents and that I should create one with internet setup!
Internet Setup says I have a dozen, and they're fine. Sadly my backup
behaves the same. So, is there anything that I can do -> or delete that
might help?
Of course I have no way of reinstalling software and I'm stuck with the
packages on my newton.
I hope you can help,
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