NTLK MOD Player Help

From: Peter Curtis (lemur@mac.com)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 22:12:38 CDT

Howdy, Newtonians.

As I'm near giving up hope of one of you fellows ever developing an MP3 player for the Newt (I can always Duct-Tape a Rio to my MP2K), I've been taking a long, hard look at what we *DO* have for music playing.

MOD Player.

First, it's amazing software and I love it.

Second, it's damned near impossible to get MODs into Newton-ready form, and the developer and I have very different ideas on music, making the pre=PKGed options unsavory.

I downloaded NTK (or the demo, or something) and set to work on the vague instructions. I failed. PKGing MODs is simply beyond my capacity, and I expect the same is true for the vast majority of the Newton community.

So I ask, if it does not exist already, would any developers out there be willing to write an application for (preferably) the Mac that would turn a MOD directly into a PKG, without all of the esoteric steps in between?

If a way to do this exists already, please do tell me about it.

Pete Curtis

Pete Curtis
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