Re: NTLK Jot v Calligrapher v Newton

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:23:20 CDT

Michael Wittmann wrote:

> > So what's the Newt HWR based on then, I mean it must now come under
> > brand name if its so good.
> The recognizer was developed in house at Apple and had the name
> Rosetta. It's named after the stone on which three languages (ancient
> Egyptian of one form or another, more modern Egyptian, meaning around 100
> BC, and old Greek, if I recall correctly), allowing the decipherment of
> the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Since what many of us write is chickenscratch,
> they might have been better off using a code name related to Mesoptamian
> cuneiform, but whatever...

Actually, the Newton had two recognition engines. The cursive recognition
was developed in Russia and was used in the first generation (NOS 1.x)
Newtons. It is now marketed as Calligrapher and is not owned by Apple.

The print recognition engine is called Rosetta, this was developed by Apple
and is present in all NOS 2.x Newtons. In the eMate, this is the only HWR

Rosetta was developed in-house by Apple, and was shelved for some time, due
to the fact that some thought a HWR that forced people to change their
handwriting (switch from cursive to printing) wouldn't catch on. The fact
that Graffiti basically saved Newton 1.x's @$$ soon proved that theory wrong
(as did the popularity of the PalmPilot).


> From what has been reported, Apple is holding on to Rosetta in order to
> use it elsewhere. Of course, that's just a common sense guess based on the
> simple fact that they're not selling it to anyone. The only thing I recall
> was a recent report (forget where the link was to, MacOSRumors? Go2Mac?)
> that trackpads on upcoming powerbooks would have text recognition of a
> sort, meaning you could use them with a stylus. Who knows whether that
> sort of thing will ever reach market.

I have yet to see handwriting recognition as powerful and cool as Rosetta...
Calligrapher is pretty good, but very much dependent on the size of the
included word-list. Rosetta recognizes letters, regardless of language.


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