Re: NTLK Jot v Calligrapher v Newton

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 04:28:39 CDT

>on 07-06-2000 12:03, Michael Manthey at
>> The quality of
>> the letter-by-letter recognizer diminishes noticeably if after writing in
>> English for a while you switch back to German (somehow the built-in
>> dictionary must be involved even in "print-mode"),
>Michael, you should get DictMgr and switch off
>"commons(attributed)(forward)" I saw an immense improvement when writing
>languages other than English (French, German and Dutch, so also quite a few
>accents involved)

Other improvements can come from alt.rec and language kit. Those kits
define word-breaks and line breaks, and if, like in French, you can
have words separated with an apostrophe (which is *very* common in
French), Rosetta at least takes this into account thanks to those
tables. (this is a purely empirical statement).

>There is also a user on this list (Jeroen Goulooze) that developed a Dutch
>Dictionary together with Paul Guyot, maybe you should get together with Paul
>and develop a German dictionary (however, isn't there a German 2000 already,
>maybe you can port the dictionary ?)

Jeroen provided the word list. The problem is simply copyrights.
While the new technology can be released with a GNU software (there
is no code except for the about box), and have been documented
recently on csnp, one cannot legally dump the ROM dictionary.
The standard function (GetDictionaryData) prevent you from doing so,
but I have wrote enough tools to do that (in fact, I have discovered
later that the function to get the ROM dictionary data is in the ROM,
although I have never tried).

I am sorry about the current state of DictMgr. In fact, there is an
update planned, but I should admit I haven't got much time now, and
anyway, my connector is dead, and I should re-solder it before doing
any development.



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