RE: NTLK HOW about audio capabilities of 2_00

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:07:48 CDT

Mark wondered:
> I was wondering if
> their audio capabilities and memory would be adequate to
> store about 150 ten-second sound files (bird calls) to be
> retrieved and rendered satisfactorily on demand.

        An mp2x00 would be fine for this. 150 10 second sound files would
take up between 3MB (low-res) and 7.5MB (hi-res) of space. By itself the mp
records with the internal mic and plays back with the internal speaker. The
sound quality isn't stupendous, but it is pretty good, even at the lowest
resolution (2K/sec). It isn't terribly loud, though. If you build one of the
sound line-out modules, you can run it through a stereo and make it really
loud, though... ;-)

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