Re: NTLK HOW about audio capabilities of 2_00

From: Andrew Sorensen (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 16:10:59 CDT

>I use a MP110 for basic contact and calendar purposes, but I am
>intrigued by the possibility of getting a 2000 or 2100 and trying to
>expand my uses. Specifically, I was wondering if their audio
>capabilities and memory would be adequate to store about 150
>ten-second sound files (bird calls) to be retrieved and rendered
>satisfactorily on demand.

I have tried to do exactly that but was very disappointed in the
results. It seems the MP2X00 is just not capable of recording the
subtle nuances that are a part of bird song through the built-in mic.
Now if the hardware solution existed to record through the Serial
Adaptor, or if there was a way to make each song recording into a
package that could then be installed onto the Newton like any other
package, the results may be much more acceptable. Anybody know if
there is a way to do this?


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