NTLK Simple Mail Memory Loss Update

From: THX 1138 (bct1@thestate.infi.net)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 17:32:04 CDT

Hello all.

I have finally sat down and done some deep tinkering with Simple Mail, and
as I expected, the memory loss seems directly related to filtering.
Specifically sorting messages to respective folders.

I found that with filtering on, aprox. 2k is lost per message, compared to
aprox. 0.2k without filtering on. I considered this 0.2k to be acceptable
memory fragmentation. I used simple mail with just the text stationary, and
then tried again with just the ICS Text Edit stationary. Both suffered
from the memory loss. so this problem is not related to the paper
stationary, altho it may contribute, I didn't test this. Nor did I test all
the filtering functions, however, to set the filter to delete messages
seemed immune to the problem.

Nothing seemed to be able to regain the lost memory, except a hard reset.
SBM Utilities, Soup Sweep and Soup Kitchen all failed to recover the
memory. The memory doesn't show up as used by the in/out storage or soup.
It acts like it just goes away.

One method i found that always results in lost memory is to download a
message, and have the filter file it to a folder. I managed to always lose
around 2k memory this way.

This is really the limits of my debugging ability, but I hope this helps
solve this nagging problem. If I can help any other way, drop me a line.


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