Re: NTLK Performing a restore

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 20:32:03 CDT

On Thu, Jun 8 2000 Ed Kummel wrote:
>I just got my 2000 back from the Doc's (thanks David)
>and it's great to have my companion with me once
>again. However, the Doc returned my Newt with what
>seems to be MP2100 stuff on it. I have a backup of my
>original MP2000 stuff, and I need to perform a restore
>so I can get all of my old stuff on there. It seems
>that some of the stuff I have has the same name of
>some of the newer stuff that the Doc put on my newt.
>If I perform the restore, will it overwrite some of
>the stuff I already have?
>I'm afraid to do a restore because of the potential of
>loosing some of the stuff that the Doc gave me.

Um, Ed, do you think you could describe this "stuff"? I'm guessing you mean your data, but it's not exactly clear. At all :)

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