NTLK Re: Pilot OS emulator

From: Clinton Slaughter (clintslaughter@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 12:29:12 CDT

Hello all, I asked a while ago about anyone willing to port the Palm Pilot
emulator for the macintosh. I've started doing some reading that Laurent
referred me to on programming for the newton, but being a programming novice
and being time limited, I'm sure this will take a looong time. Someone on
the list had an interest in heading this project but I haven't heard any
updates of late. I think that a Palm OS emulator would be one of the most
useful programs available for the newt in this age of the palm, increasing
our connectivity and productivity and allowing access to a great deal of
software. This project may be worth starting a team of faithful newton
programmers. The palm site for the emulator (souce code available) is:
Also, a WinCE programmer made an emulator of the Palm OS 1.0 3 years ago,
but it has not been updated:
Thanks everyone,
Clint Slaughter, MD
U Mass Medicine/Pediatrics
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