Re: NTLK Sound packages

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 16:00:43 CDT

>In reply to my inquiries re: Sound Capabilities on the Newotn 2_00
>I received several replies (thanks), a few of which recommended
>SoundIkonMaker (SIM).
>I don't yet have a 2_00, nor have I made any recordings for use in a
>Newton package, but am I to understand that the quality of the
>recordings using SIM (and the Newton playback) will be:
>1) significantly better audio quality compared to using the
>built-in Mic and Notes to capture the sounds?

Yes, if the sounds are already digitalized.

>2) easier to choose from an extensive collection of short sound
>samples than with Notes, where I guess each sample is an individual

Each sample as a package. Umm. Not sure.
Each as a system sound. Not sure, too.

>3) Able to use less memory than Notes due to compression available in SIM?

What's more in the package:
the name
the icon, or something to say standard icon
the code
other package data.

What's more in the Note sample:
the text, at least to say no text.
other notes data

It will be smaller because of compression available with Newton packages.



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