NTLK RE: Connecting the Newton to Internet thru a Mac

From: Martin Joseph (mjoecups@home.com)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 01:22:24 CDT

>Hence, forget it. MacOS 9 means no connection using the Mac as an
Appletalk gateway for our little >lovely machines.

I don't think Macip over local talk works with IPNetrouter for an
internet connections with any flavor of MacOS.

I tried to set the above up so I could use my cable modem with the eMate
and MP2000. It would seem to connect and then never resolve it's
address assignment properly.

However... I figured out that by using Apple's Macip gateway software
(this only runs on a mac with MacTCP) I could set the gateway to assign
IP numbers which are then handled by IPnetrouter. This setup works

I use an old mac (IIcx) which can be had for free if you look around,
with a Nubus ethernet card. This is installed with macos 7.5.5 with
MacTCP (Not open transport!) enabled. Then I run the gateway. The
gateway handles the Localtalk/macip side of things and gives out
addresses to the Newtons (or Macs hehe).

My Ipnetrouter then picks up the gateway assigned IP addresses and sends
them merrily on there way to the internet cloud.

Pretty quick too.

Of course if you can get a ethernet card for your Newton this simplifies
things greatly.

Now how about that Airport/Lucent driver... Gopi??? are you there. I
would like to help if possible.


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