Re: NTLK Ethernet backup to PC

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 00:55:34 CDT

On 6/12/00 10:52 PM, Patrick Meuleman
[] wrote:

>I have this nagging memory (although my memory has proved wrong before) of
>an article that claimed it was possible to do a Newton backup via ethernet
>to a PC (rather than a Mac). I can't seem to find it now though. Does
>anyone know how to do this or is it not possible? I've looked through the
>FAQ and can't find anything to say whether or not it is possible. Can
>someone enlighten me?

Not possible directly. You can use Ethernet to NCU with Mac only, since
Macs support Appletalk networking too, and Appletalk works over
LocalTalk(serial) or Ethernet. PC's only support serial, not Appletalk.

BUT....if you get a Mac emulator that runs on your PC and supports
AppleTalk and Ethernet, THEN you can run Mac NCU in the Mac emulator on
your PC. Unfortunately, to LEGALLY use the emualtor, you have to own a
Mac in order to download the ROMS for the emulator to use. Anything else
is illegal. And since you have the Mac already, you may as well just
use that. I think some folks here got it to work using Basilisk, but I
can't guide you there, as I use Mac, not PC (except at work, and I take
my Mac laptop there, anyway.)

 - Bill

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