NTLK Announce - BetterSetter

From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 03:15:13 CDT

Hi gang,

I'm pleased to announce BetterSetter, a tool only those of you
who still use a 1.x os Newton will appreciate.
BetterSetter is my way of avoiding the stupid analog clock to
set the system time. Somehow, I never really managed to
use this thing, I always fall into an infinite try and error
People using 2.x os Newtons won't really need BetterSetter, but
I'd still appreciate it if as many as possible could try it out
and confirm that it works (please mention the Newton type you tried
it on). It's just too small an application for a full-scale beta test.
I guess it's fairly likely there are heaps of similar apps out there,
but I needed something like this anyway for DotClock (coming soon), and
it has taught me a thing or two about Newton programming.

You'll find it at


Pardon? Of course it's freeware...

If anyone feels tempted to create a better homepage than what I was able
to come up with in 3 hours or so (having next to no knowledge of html)
free of charge, please let me know. This would allow me to spend more time
on other Newton apps. I'm especially interested in what it takes to make
a site Newton-friendly.

As I'm a considerate number of digests behind, please cc any answers to


This is also the address to request BetterSetter being sent by email in the
unlikely case that you don't have web access.

Have fun

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