Re: NTLK ejecting stylus problem

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 03:23:59 CDT

on 12-06-2000 2:21, George E. Schuler at wrote:

> My beloved 2100 has a problem. I went to store the stylus in its
> compartment yesterday and it didn't feel like it went in correctly....and
> then jammed. I got the stylus out (it sprang out so the spring still seems
> to be functioning) but when I insert it, it doesn't "lock" into place.
> Any thoughts? How do I take the MP apart to see what's wrong (after
> removing the screws one side of the MP seems willing to part but not the
> other)?

There are pictures of how to take apart a 2x00 on
But unless you can read Japanese it will be pictures only, there should be a
German site as well, but I don't have the URL handy right now, at least
Babelfish could help you out there if you don't speak German.
(wish there was a Babelfish like service for Japanese)

Robert Benschop

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