Re: NTLK Reversed polarity for ac adaptors

From: Heiko Cultus (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:26:49 CDT

> Howard Moftich wrote ages ago...
> > I have a universal adaptor powerful enough
> > to feed Newt, so I'd like to connect it.
> > Also - maybe somebody knows what
> > happens if the polarity is reversed ?
> Someone answered...
> >Newton death. Have the number of Apple service ready.
With my MP100, I have often reversed the polarity. I have used
a selfmade Powersupply and never checked the polarity. Just plugged
it in and then I have looked if it is charging the batteries.
If not I have changed the polarity. The Powersupply was short-circuit-proofed
an the Output Voltage was the same with an open circuit or the Newton
plugged in.
This not a guide, it is only my answer for the question, what happens
if I change the polarity of the poweradapter.
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