Re: NTLK TTS Joy to the world or Make your newton sing =)

From: Paul Lim (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 11:25:07 CDT

[[pmod 0;pbas +10;inpt PHON]]~J>>>>OY [[pbas -1]]t>>>>UW [[pbas -2]]D>>UX
[[pbas -2]]w>>>>>UHrld

hmm... this is what I learned from editing this song:

[[ <instructions> ]] - "[[" tells macintalk to start reading instructions
and "]]" ends this mode

pmod 0 - um no idea
pbas +/-# - raise (+) lower (-) pitch of the voice by # semitones
inpt PHON - instead of reading words, reads letters phonetically

Special chars:
> - elongates the previous letter (if it's a space
then it pauses I think)
~ - dunno, without it the first word didn't sound...

that was as much as I needed to do what I did. I imagine a LOT of
experimenting was required to get the letters right.

for more info check:


At 05:14 PM 13/06/00 +0200, you wrote:
>on 13-06-2000 8:44, Paul Lim at wrote:
> > [[pmod 0;pbas +10;inpt PHON]]~J>>>>OY [[pbas -1]]t>>>>UW [[pbas -2]]D>>UX
>Yes, incredible, can any of you programmers explain to normal mortals like
>me how this works, I would love to write a couple of my own.

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