Re: NTLK How on earth...

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 09:29:12 CDT

>Its easy to open them, but its not shure whether they will work after
>closing :-) But refurbishing could be done, IMHO, by may be a special
>test mode, which detects defective memory cells and redirects them to
>well working ones or simply makes'em unavailable.

        Actually the Intel utils I downloaded could do such a remapping
under Win95; my defective 4 meg card (per Newton) has 6 or 8 bad address
headers; the Intel util maps them out (you have to specify at the command
prompt how many "reserve" blocks you wish to leave for such remapping) but
under Win95 my "dead" 4 meg card formats fine to 2.8 megs. After such a
remap/format and then formatting on the MP, the Newton will put some
packages on the card fine (which is a change); I've not gone over 2.8meg
capacity on it (stretching this testing period out over 3 weeks at this
point :/ ) but expect it to fail, as the MP still thinks its a 4 meg card
(I was hoping that it would read the block-level remapping done by the
other util and see it as a 2.8 meg card).

        Not that this has anything to do with Shreve Systems refurbishing...

        I'll upload the (relatively) newer Intel utils to Info-Newt or
similar sometime; they are hidden on the web site of the corporations who
bought the product line from Intel. (At lest, they are newer util versions
than what I got from Intel back when the stuff was till on the Intel site).


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