NTLK newton questions

From: Tad and Terry Crohn (ttcrohn@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 12:07:12 CDT

Hi, this is my first time posting some questions on the newtontalk list. Thanks
very much to anyone who can help me with the following:

1. what are people's favorite games that would work on my MP2100?
2. how can I get ahold of Alexander Marcour? I'm trying to register his program
BetterLearn which I love but the repeating shareware screen is driving me
3. why is my HWR so much better in some fields than in others. I have all the
letter-by-letter options checked but in some fields like newt-to-do the
recognition seems so much better than in notes.
4. I just can't seem to get it to recognize a capital K.
5. are there side effects to using big cards? I have a 16 and a 4 in there now and
I was thinking of buying another 16 because I use it to keep all my records on
patients (I'm a hospital psychologist) and I have a bunch of medical programs
that are taking up space.
6. periodically, the find command in newton works starts using up all my
memory and causing frequent restarts. This only happens in works. What I've
had to do in the past is offload all my works files, convert them to RTF and back
and then its fine for a while but eventually gums up again. It's happening now and
I don't want to go through the hassle and it's also scary because...
7. I can't get a successful backup to complete on either of my two 68000 Macs. I
keep getting an error message and when I examine the file sizes I find the backup
jammed early. Any ideas? I've tried NCU, backup utility, starting with all
non-essentials frozen, increasing the RAM of the programs, nothing seems to
work. I was hoping I could use one big card to backup the other card and the
internal memory but that didn't seem to work. Should it?
8. I'm dying with all the typing I do on the tiny keyboard. I can't believe there
isn't a way to modify a normal external keyboard to work with these things.
Isn't there any way?
9. Can I really get any parts for the MP2100 from Apple or should I think about
buying another one as a spare.
10. Is there any way I can type and print at the same time or at least keep both
plugged in at the same time. I do a lot of word processing and its a hassle
plugging and unplugging all the time. I'm tempted to not turn the newton off each
time but the manual says you shouldn't plug and unplug the serial port without
turning it off each time. As I use a security PIN, this is a real hassle.

I love my Newton and want to make it better and better. Any help with the above
would be dearly appreciated.


Tad Crohn
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