Re: NTLK Graffiti really accurate ?

From: Doug Ramsay (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 07:10:31 CDT

Frédéric Paché []wrote on
Tuesday, June 06, 2000 23:33

>A good product for Palm computers is reviewed on this link:

>This is again a proof that Graffiti is certainly not the best HWR
> >system...

>I have a Palm III (for months), so this is not an assumption. When I >saw
>my Newton MP2000 clone understanding my own handwriting, I was >like a
>child in a Christmas morning!

Amen to that! I've always had great success, even on an MP 100, with HWR,
even better success on my UMP2K, with natural writing. In between my MP130
and my UMP2K, I tried a Palm IIIe. I never even bothered to learn Graffiti
on the Palm, it doesn't make sense to me that one has to learn to write in a
totally different way that usual just to input text, so using that little
screen keyboard got tired real quick. In addition, the Palm IIIe's reverse
backlighting stinks. Gotta love that luminous green of the Newton! The
*only* functionality advantages the Palm may have over the Newton is size
and quick docking capability. Other than that, I'm a prodigal Newt user -
it's good to be back. I'm with Frederic - "like a child on Christmas
morning" {ok, soapbox mode: OFF] :-)


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