ATA Help (was: Re: NTLK [semi OT] Filesystems specification)

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 03:32:45 CDT

I wrote:
>Apparently, there is a difference between voyager newtons (2.1
>devices) and 2.0 newtons concerning the PCMCIA support. (maybe it's
>just because there are the possibility for two slots). And the
>Newton eats a (private?) filesystem with U at the end (55AA) of the
>first or second block (not already sure).

It's the first block, and it is the DOS Master Boot Record.
(I have the doc now).
If Joost can confirm that PowerBook laptops can accept Apple
Partition maps, there will be support for both. I just have to find
an unused partition ID on MBR format for Newton.

Could anyone format an ATA card with a Windoze laptop and insert it
in the Newton to tell me if they get an error different from -10582?
(this is kError_ATA_No_Partition, and this is what I get, hence I
believe either the powerbook didn't write a partition (?) or the
driver does not work).

>BTW, I have setup an NPDS server with my Newton in order recieve
>comments and suggestions about the current status of my Newton
>projects (updated daily). (just tell me which project you want to be
>developed first, and so on). It can be found when I don't use my MP
>and my Internet connection, mostly when sleeping (I am at GMT+2),
>registered at the NPDS tracker ( and at
>Since I did some changes to NPDS, there may be some bugs, hence
>don't hesitate to contact me if there is something wrong.

Duh, when I tried to see the counter this morning, the Newton didn't
want to power on. Finally, it erased the Internal store :-(
(anyone noticed that?)
I have a lot of -10061 now I use NPDS. I wonder why, but this makes
me angry, and raise the -10061 research task's priority ;-)

I made a backup recently, but I lost most of the website.



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